Title:                                                        Role:                   Director:                        Production:

END OF THE WORLD - Short                John                     John Norris                    Big Shame

Goon Spoon Saloon - Short                    Doctor                  Stephen Vanderpool      Vanderpool


The Almighty O - Independent Series     Papa Gumpta      Stephen Vanderpool      Vanderpool   

Her Way  - Short                                      Kevin                   Ian Paxton                      Bates Film


True West                               Austin/Lee                        John Ennis           The YARD Theatre

The MURGE                           Performer                         John Gilkey          Wet The Hippo Collective

Duke Sketch Comedy             Performer/Writer               Marc Warzecha    iO West

The Truck Show                      John/Intern/Tour Guide     Kevin Watson      Wet The Hippo Collective     

The Invention of Language      Idiot                                  John GIlkey         Wet The Hippio Collective

2010 - present
2010 - present
Training & Workshops

Idiot Workshop                        Clown

iO West                                    Improv/sketch Programs

Upright Citizens Brigade          Improv Program

Groundlings                              Intermediate

The YARD Theatre                   Acting/Company Member

Lorin Eric Salm Mime               Mime

Westside Comedy Theater       Improv Program


John is an actor and writer who's based out of LA, he's performed all over the country and has recently been invited to do comedy at some cool places like SF Sketch Fest, Coachella, New York, Las Vegas and Austin to name a few...


As a writer, he's had a several live shows that have been produced. His writing has been featured in several shows airing on the Screen Junkies channel including the now Emmy-award nominated show Honest Trailers. He would just love to give you his pilot and writing packet.


John has been in commercials from brands like Progressive, Converse, Holiday Inn, Grandma's Cookies and more! And he's recently been brought on as the spokesperson for!


He has been instructed (mostly they just yelled at him) by incredible teachers at some of the best comedy institutions in the country like iO West, UCB, Groundlings, a mime guy, couple clown people, and some acting people.

He's most recently been working with Wet The Hippo ( as a performer and as a faculty member at their school, The Idiot Workshop, and is honored to be creating with such an amazing group of people.

Commercials available upon request